Aircraft War version 2.0.3 has been released!

8 07 2013

No longer are you the top dog in the sky. No longer can you fly away from an air battle. No sir, now you have to contend with faster, better and stronger. Bring on the the Messerschmit ME262. The fastest fighter in WW2, crewed by the top German aces and the first jet fighter in history! Now, you cannot escape, you have to turn and fight as it is your only chance. You are now out gunned and fighting for your life!

Along with this new enemy is the base from which they operate. Heavily defended by AA guns, it is an impregnable fortress that the enemy want to protect at all costs. Can you breach the defences and destroy their base? Are you pilot enough? We shall see!

Aircraft War version 2.0.2 released!

14 05 2013

Due to some feedback from various people regarding the control keys, I have added in a feature that allows you to change the keys and select the control keys that you would like. Hopefully this will make the game more enjoyable and easier to play when you are using keys that feel right for you. It was the main criticism of the game and so I trust that you will enjoy it even more now!


Aircraft War version 2.0.1 released

2 05 2013

This version has been released due to some changes recommended by a friend:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the carrier guns to be destroyed at the reset of a new game.
  • Gave the player more space on the left and right of the screen so that you have a greater field of view forward.
  • Gave the enemy planes avoidance logic so that they try not to fly into you. (although there is a random factor and so collisions do still occur from time to time).

These changes make the game play slightly easier and also make the dogfights better as the enemy aircrafts response appears to be more random.


Aircraft War version 2.0.0

23 04 2013

I have just released version 2.0.0 of a game I have written called Aircraft War. I am distributing it as a free game. Please download it and enjoy playing it.

Improvements from version 1:

  • Enemy aircraft have more intelligent ground avoidance.
  • Bases deploy aircraft intelligently depending on your score, and with a random factor.
  • All ground objects (except vegetation) can be destroyed or collided into.
  • Your aircraft now has limited fuel, bullets and bombs.
  • I changed the world in which you fly.
  • I improved the graphics for the clouds and the smoke.
  • I added bombing for yourself and also for the enemy bombers.
  • I added ground AA guns.
  • I fixed the bug that caused the game to freeze periodically.
  • I added a key to turn the sound on and off.
  • I allowed for multiple keypresses simultaneously.
  • I improved the explosions and allowed for variable size explosions.

These are the main improvements, along with a lot of code optimization.




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